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Product summary and comments by Hardware


I would say that from my standpoint, this toy is only useful if you are traveling, have a smaller penis, and are not expecting to use it more than a few times before throwing it away. From my uses of this just recently, the toy already has signs of wear and tear. If they would have made this a bit bigger I think that this would appeal to a wider range of men. For me, and other men like me, I would say pass and find another toy.

Best use:

Catalog ID: SE957210

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Hardware's opinion
    The actual masturbator is made from TPR, and is pretty sticky right out of the box. There is no chemical smell to it though, which is nice. The entrance into the shaft is molded in the shape of a pussy, while the inside is completely ribbed. The texture is very soft, but quite stimulating due to the inner texture. The cock rings are made of silicone. Outside of that, the rings really have nothing special to offer. I would say this would work well for any person at any level.
  • Shape / Design / Size / Fit

    4 1/4"
    Fits up to:
    Any size
    5 1/4"
    0.2 lb
    Hardware's opinion
    My big beef with this product is its overall design, shape, size, and fit. The total length of the masturbator is 4 1/4" long, a little bit over 1 1/2" wide, which was REALLY small for me. It seems like the design for this is for a man with a below average size, and that they focused far too much on making it travel sized. For me, because I am much larger in both length and width, this toy just could not handle me. Although, if you are looking for something very small and easily hidden for travel, this is right up your alley. Also worth mentioning is that it does have a fair amount of suction it provides since the end is sealed. You do not see too many masturbators that are sealed these days, so that was a nice feature. Don't expect more than a handful of uses from it before it gets worn out, though. Just be warned that if you have anything average or above for penis size or width, you will be disappointed. As for the cock rings, again, simple silicone design with 3 varying sizes. They go from about 1" to about 2" in size. There really isn't anything more to say about the rings' basic design.
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Special Features:
    • Rings set included
  • Care and Maintenance

    Hardware's opinion
    TPR is easily cleaned with warm water, toy cleaner, or mild soap. The sealed top makes cleaning a bit of a chore, especially since it's so small a toy. Easy to store because it's so small (just tuck it away somewhere), it works just fine with water and silicone based lubes too.
  • Other

    The set includes:
    • Travel masturbator and three silicone rings
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