The Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita. Part 2 is presented by Lucas Entertainment (studio) and EdenFantasys.

Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita. Part 2 DVD by Lucas Entertainment
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Inspired by the classic tale of sex, glamour and debauchery, Michael Lucas's La Dolce Vita drives into Manhattan's exclusive worlds of fashion, celebrity, and society...and further down into its seedy underground sex club culture.

Lucas plays Max Todd, an author-turned-magazine-columnist with a loyal boyfriend(Cole Ryan) and a frustrating case of writer's block. Picking up where Part 1 left off. Max spends an unforgettable day following Hollywood's latest "it" couple on a paparazzi-filled whirlwind of shopping, partying and fountain jumping. He then reconnects with his long-time mentor and a powerful publisher at a super-swanky literary party. The events that end up changing Max'x life forever.

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  • Content / Genre / Audience

    Gay / Group Sex / Story
    Lucas Entertainment
    Michael Lucas / Tony Dimarco
  • Actors

    Savanna Samson / Brad Star / Chad Hunt / Cole Ryan / Erik Grant / Jamie Donovan / Justin Christopher / Michael Lucas / Ray Star / Rod Barry / Spencer Quest
  • DVD Features

    Behind the Scenes / Bonus Scenes / Photo Gallery / Trailers / Making of
  • Other

    GayVN Best Picture 2007 / GayVN Best Director 2007 / GayVN Best Actor 2007 / GayVN Best Supporting Actor 2007 / GayVN Best Threesome 2007 / GayVN Best Non-Sex Performance 2007 / GayVN Best Screenplay 2007 / GayVN Best Editing 2007 / GayVN Best Music 2007 / GayVN Best Art Direction 2007 / GayVN Best Videography 2007 / GayVN Best Marketing Campaign 2007 / GayVN Best DVD Extras/Special Edition 2007 / GayVN Best Packaging 2007
    Number of Discs:
    3 hrs.
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    Lucas Entertainment
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    • Gee, glad I grabbed this one ... last one before it discontinued. Just wish I had of gotten the first one too ... have to get it elsewhere.
    • This facinates me.
    • I don't know about this dvd--has anyone seen it
    • :)
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