Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual – the first non-fiction book on how to train a slave

Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual Book by Greenery Press
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Authors, Educators, and Doctors agree:

"The first non-fiction book which explains how to be or train a slave as opposed to how to tie and pleasure your partner. Chris Parker would approve." - Laura Antoniou, author (as Sara Adamson), "The Marketplace Trilogy"

"Miss Abernathy shows a keen appreciation of the unique dynamics of the owner/slave relationship...(she) takes the state of sexual slavery quite seriously...This intelligent, sensitive, and witty little book is a welcome addition to how-to literature about our community." - Pat Califia, author, "Sensuous Magic," "Macho Sluts," and "Public Sex"

"I read the entire book in one sitting and don't doubt that I will read it again before too long...I believe everyone would find something useful, something interesting, and something enjoyable in this book." - Joseph Bean, author, "Leathersex"

"Writing as she does with the same gracious style and noble intent that she recognizes as essential attributes for sound training, Miss Abernathy surely will come to be known as the Miss Manners of fin de millennium slavery etiquette." - Willam A Henkin, Ph.D, co-author "Consensual Sadomasochism: How to Talk About It, and How To Do It Safely"

"Entertaining, elegantly written, and complete: a worthwhile addition to any BDSM library. I especialyl liked the attention paid to the issue of ethics." - Laura Goodwin, national author and educator

"Ever master or mistress who has - or seeks - a willing slave should read this book." - John Warren, author, "The Loving Dominant"

"If you are a fledging submissive or a neophyte dominant, this book provides helpful information in a concise and friendly style. Well done!" - Race Bannon, author, "Learning the Ropes"

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