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More foreplay Adult game by Relationship Enrichment Systems
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More Foreplay™ is about feeling good, pleasuring each other and adding a new level of fun and excitement to your intimate and private times togehter.

More Foreplay&trade is for any couple who wants more spice, more pleasure, more adventures, more prolonged exciting "Experiences". It's created for more intimate fun. It has a lifetime of endless fun "Experiences" built into it and it's easy to play.

If you are in a new loving relationship, More Foreplay™ is created for the two of you to relax, be playful, and enjoy the delights of each other without pressure or performance.

If you are in a loving relationship for a few years with or without children, More Foreplay™ is many days and nights of wonderful entertainment that will get the two of you back in touch with the joys, wonders and pleasures of discovering each other in a whole "new/old" way.

If you are in a loving relationship for a long time, More Foreplay™ is designed as a change of pace, it will alter your lovemaking routine and breathe new excitement into your love life.

More Foreplay™ "spreads the heat" so that both of you can achieve the maximum pleasures with your partner while you are playing, laughing and communicating intimately with each other.

No matter what kind of loving relationship you are in or for how deserve More Foreplay™!

Game includes: playing board, 4 spinners, bonus activities, and easy instructions.

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