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Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z Book by Pretty Things Press
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Have you ever desired the "delicious thrill" of getting spanked good and hard by a lover, or have you been the one doing the spanking, enjoying the sting that results when a stern hand meets a soft behind? Whether you've tried it before or simply dream of the "gorgeous heat" generated by a good rear punishment this book serves up 28 salacious stories to satisfy your fantasy or memorable reality. With an alphabetical cornucopia of paddling delights, this book covers all the bases of spanking play from disobedient students and stern mistresses to kinky cops and their myriad of naughty male and female captives. The book begins with a daring foreword by well known sex educator Violet Blue and subsequently takes a fantastic ride through a collection of erotic stories edited by world renowned erotic author Rachel Kramer Bussell. Authors such as Kate Dominic, Michael Hemmingson, Tsaurah Litzky, Bill Noble, Thomas S. Roche, Simon Sheppard, Lisabet Sarai, and more detail these excellent stories of disciplined pleasure with seductive words and visceral passions.

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