Naughty Stories from A to Z: Volume 3 – a compilation of hot stories from well-known authors

Naughty Stories from A to Z: Volume 3 DVD by Pretty Things Press
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Alison Tyler has collected together another fantastic grouping of stories for Naughty Stories from A to Z: Volume 3.

Includes stories by renowned erotic authors including Marilyn Jaye Lewis, Thomas S. Roche, Dante Davidson, Rachel Kramer Bussel, M. Christian, Sage Vivant, N. T. Morley, Mark Williams, and the many other talented authors explore their naughty sides. From A to Z, these stories are S-E-X-Y. It takes a naughty mind like Alison Tyler's to put together a book this provocative.


"We stared straight into each other's eyes again, and I found I couldn't look away. Not even when Nora continued down the valley of Reese's concave belly to her waiting pussy. Oh, I wanted to watch that. I wanted to observe each motion as Nora parted what I imagined were Reese's plump nether lips and got busy between them, but something happened to me. Rather than lose myself in the pure porno aspect of the evening, I was captivated by the look of unadulterated pleasure in Reese's green-flecked brown eyes. And I just couldn't look away-"

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    Edited by Alison Tyler
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    2004 year
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