Naughty Stories from A to Z – a collection of nasty hot stories to sizzle your mind

Naughty Stories from A to Z Book by Pretty Things Press
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This highly enticing collection of 26 short stories is filled with the nasty, hot, and sweet of it all. Sorted alphabetically by title, these stories are as explicit as they come, but don't think that they're not wonderfully written. They have amusing sexual encounters and complex characters, and everything from sex in public to the mile high club and beyond.

Includes stories by renowned erotic authors including Ann Blakely, M. Christian, Dante Davidson, Marilyn Jaye Lewis, N.T. Morley, and Thomas Roche explore their naughty sides. From A to Z, these stories are S-E-X-Y. It takes a naughty mind like Alison Tyler's to put together a book this provocative.


"Something dark, deep, and just a little bit scary was bubbling up inside me. I tossed my thong in my purse and threw on my black suede dress and pumps. Without bothering to put on panties, I grabbed my car keys and rushed out the back door. All I wanted was to get behind the wheel of my car and drive. A cherry-red '65 Vette is my priest, analyst and best girlfriend all rolled into one. Any time something gets to me, I take it out on a lonesome highway in the dark and drive. The faster the better."

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