Nerve's Guide to Sex Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen – a helpful sex guidebook

Nerve's Guide to Sex Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen Book by Plume Books
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Nerve's Guide to Sex Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen is committed to saving readers from a lifetime of sexual faux-pas. From one-night stands to dirty talk and much more this outrageously helpful handbook includes hints such as: When booty-calling an ex, the dumpee must be the initiator the first two times. After that, it's considered polite for the dumper to initiate so the dumpee doesn't feel doubly pathetic; On a one-night stand, you may make a stealth exit from your partner's bed, but it is gauche to request that your partner vacate before daylight; A civilized lady or gentleman always has a guest toothbrush handy, still in its packaging, just in case a guest requests one. However, only vulgarians keep an entire drawer of them for guests to "pick their favorite color." ; Mixing witty "pearls of wisdom," hilarious sidebars, and essential advice, Em and Lo deliver the practical handbook of bedside manners for singles and devoted couples in the new millennium.

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    Emma Taylor / Lorelei Sharkey
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    Plume Books
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    2004 year
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