Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Oral Sex – explore the oral pleasures with Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Oral Sex DVD by Adam & Eve
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So you've learned the basic? Now take your oral lovemaking a step further with sex superstar Nina Hartley! From the delicious "trick of the trade" to the unparalleled "tried-and-true," Nina presents the best-kept secrets of cunnilingus and fellatio for you with easy, step-by-step instructions sure to get results. Know what Nina knows...and put it to good use!

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    Adam & Eve
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    Mandy Frost / Malitia / Tony Tedeschi
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    Chapter Selections / DVD-ROM Compatible / Interactive Menus
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    1 hrs. 27 mins.
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    Adam & Eve
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    • jaylkelly
      I just finished watching this video and must say that the video was informative for me. Even though I knew how to give good fellatio, I got some interesting new ideas from watching them perform the instructions she was giving. The part where she shows the female vagina and demonstrates techniques really intrigued me. It gave me new ideas for masterbation also. From now on, I will encourage my partner to sit and watch this so they know what they are about in the future. This video was meant to teach and entertain. It is not meant to be a XXX movie. The first part is instruction and the other half is porn using most of what she teaches in the first half. It does have replay value due to the second half. The first half does have some replay value too if you want to refresh on her instructions. Don't expect a XXX movie, couples movie, or anything along those lines to advoid setting yourself up for disappointment. This is an instructional video designed for all audiences in mind. That means it doesn't get too hard core or too light core. There's action but no anal. There's not a whole lot of foreplay either. I happen to think it was enough for myself even though I know other people will have different opinions. I would recommend Nina Hartley videos to anyone wanting to learn and improve on their sex skills. Her book is great too.
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