Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex – a great and fun overlook of all what has to do with sex

Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex Book by Penguin
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A thrilling, liberating, and mind-blowing guide for everyone from sexual pioneers to novices, Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex is a thorough and level-headed look at every facet of sexuality that helps to build intimacy and increase understanding beyond any preconceived notions. As a registered nurse, sex educator, and star of over 400 adult films, Hartley has the experience to tell you what's what and how to do it correctly, and although it's written in a frank and completely straightforward way, her voice comes off warm, intelligent and above all, informative. You'll pour over the eighteen easy-to-read chapters that cover subjects from foreplay and oral sex to threesomes, BDSM, toys, and more. Each chapter is written with awareness that most people are not completely secure about sex or their own bodies, and therefore the information neither condescends nor intimates, but simply provides a capable voice that takes the mystery out of these various situations. Each chapter ends with a chart reviewing dos and don't for the previously mentioned acts and unlike most other sex guides, this one does not include any type of illustrations or photos, making it a perfect choice for the modest set. Though it is intended for mainly heterosexuals and the bi-curious, Hartley and husband I. S. Levine view all manner of intercourse as a healthy activity and emphasize the enlightened female perspective with advice on techniques and positions for everyone. Find new ways to be adventurous and gain inspiration for a different perspective in the bedroom and beyond.

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