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Product summary and comments by petite-n-sweet


Comfortable, customizable and adjustable, the open ring gag restrains while allowing its user to breathe freely. The diamond-esque accents make it extremely sexy to wear, and the cinch closure is easy to attach and tighten. It would have been the perfect gag, if it fit me.

Best use:

Catalog ID: SE265655

UPC: 716770059291

  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit

    Patent leather / Pvc
    Buckle / Snaps
    4 oz
    petite-n-sweet's opinion
    I will start by saying the gag doesn't remotely fit me. I have a small head (small body, small head) and I don't have enough hair to make the gag fit better. I have gotten used to lingerie not fitting, but I did not expect this from a gag! I am disappointed.

    According to the box, the gag is adjustable and is one size fits most, so I will assume I am an odd size. The closure is a double D ring that can be tightened to approximately 20 inches around. The gag can fit up to 26 inches around the head.

    The reason why I could not get the gag to fit me is because of the 'diamond' design. The crystals, which are securely sewed onto the strap take up eight inches of the strap that could be used for tightening. If you pull the strap so tight that it reaches the 'diamonds' it will not tighten any further. If the gag had been made with a few less 'diamonds' it would have fit me.

    I will be using a seam ripper to remove the 'diamonds' and will update in a follow up review.

    The best feature of the product is the interchangeable rings. This gag forces your mouth open, and it thankfully comes with three different sizes for those of us with different sized mouths. The small is 1.75", the medium is 2" and the large is 2.25". The rings are super easy to replace, simply clip them in and go. They are made out of Phthalate- Free PVC and can be sanitized between use.

    The strap has a wet leather look to it, but it is primarily PVC and polyester. It looks great and is quite sturdy.
  • Performance

    Special Features:
    • Rhinestone accents
    petite-n-sweet's opinion
    I could not use the gag, so I apologize, but until I alter the gag to fit me, the performance part of my review will be lacking.

    Ignoring the fact that it didn't fit, the gag was easy to put on, and easy to remove. It is fairly comfortable when worn, as long as you don't mind holding your mouth open.
  • Experience

    petite-n-sweet's opinion
    This was my first gag, so I was really disappointed when it did not fit. It looks really great, and I enjoyed holding it on my head, pretending to wear it. My partner and I were looking forward to using it, but instead it has sat in a box waiting for me to have time to rip the seams on the decorations. I don't want to alter it because the faux diamonds are one of the best features about it, and it kills me to pull them off. Eventually I will do it, because honestly, other than a pretty belt I have no use for it.
  • Other

    One size fits most
    Safety features:
    Phthalates free
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    • brandonbadassm
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.4/10

      All in all, my partner and I are not big fans of this product, not because of the product itself, just because were not into open ring gags, they're just not our style. This product is very well made, fits great, feels great and definitely does what it's made to do. We would suggest this product to anyone looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

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