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Tristan Taormino's newest book provides concrete advice for those looking to try out non-monogamy or those already in an open relationship.

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    Tristan Taormino
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    Cleis Press Inc.
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    2008 year
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    Customer comments

    • I think I will enjoy Taorminos style. I wanna read this, just to learn about open relationships and how they work
    • This book seems like a really good/interesting idea.
    • I need this book . . . especially after the bomb was just dropped on my by my lover.
    • Sounds like an interesting read.
    • Another book for the wishlist!
    • wish list.
    • This is a very frank and personalized discussion of several types of "open" relationships. I also appreciated the fact that Taormino used relatively simple/concise (as opposed to overly academic/theoretical) language.
    • I really enjoy Taormino's style. She's also a pleasure in person. The book describes many different types of "open" relationships along with interviews with people from around the U.S. who are making it work. This is an excellent book for anyone thinking they might want to open up theier relationship.
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