Orgasms – a book on how to give, take and keep them coming

Orgasms Book by Broadway Books
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Previously titled "The Big O," bestselling author Lou Paget's "one-woman sexual revival" continues with this explicit, step-by-step instructional guide to having, giving, and prolonging you and your partner's orgasms. Author of "How to Be a Great Lover" and "How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure," Paget is a certified sex educator who shows you the multiple paths to releasing your sexual potential, while achieving and maintaining satisfaction in the bedroom. Providing the "inspiration and information" you need, this guide will "pique your curiosity, whet your appetite, and widen your horizons." Whether you're interested in fanning the flames of passion or reaching a deeper level of intimacy with your partner, these proven techniques are presented in a clear and reliable manner, guaranteed to satisfy your desires. Perfect for the beginner and expert alike, you will learn the ten ways to have an orgasm, exercises to increase sensitivity, tricks for enhancing orgasms, and more, all with detailed illustrations and entertaining anecdotes from thousands of men and women.

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    Lou Paget
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    Broadway Books
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    2001 year
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    • Kayla
      Advanced reviewer, rank 7.9/10

      A great book that should be on all lovers' shelves - regardless of their previous experience. It provides all sorts of new techniques for manual and oral stimulation as well as positions with diagrams that will make following Paget's advice even easier. A well-presented read that will leave you wanting to buy her other books.

    • *Huxley*
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.2/10

      Over all this is a great book to add to any household, bad or good sex alike. There is something for everyone to gain from reading this book; covering sex, desire, stress and becoming comfortable with yourself. A must read for anyone in a relationship or someone just trying to better their technique.

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    Customer comments

    • I once had a copy, it was a great starter guide, to understanding possibilities for orgasmic experience. :) Good how to tips for couples or happy loners
      Never had an orgasm book.
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