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Leave a good red mare on your favorite butt with the Paddle hand by Doc Johnson. This stylish flogging accessory is made out of high quality leather that provides a firm grip and delivers a good blow to your partner's most sensitive areas. The flogger is shaped like a hand to make the play more fun and also has a comfortable leather strap that allows you to fit the toy to your hand. Have some spanking fun!

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    Phthalates free

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    • Miss Francy
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.8/10

      Okay, the Paddle Hand is hilarious looking. Even though it's black leather with red stitching, it still is basically a HAND on a stick! The fingers are not floppy by any means, but they are a bit still flexible, as they don't have any "boning" under the leather.

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    Customer comments

    • cute
    • I love that the one product picture is the paddle hand holding a flower. How sweet. Haha
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