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Make friends laugh out loud with the Pecker ice tray from Pipedream. This exciting yet simple accessory allows you to make four pecker-shaped ice cubes at a time. Just pour some water and place the tray in the fridge. Wait a little bit, and there you have it. Enjoy the expression the your friends' faces when they see what's floating in their drinks.

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    • Red Vinyl Kitty
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.8/10

      This ice tray is really awesome. I think it is fun as heck to have little penis ice cubes floating in my drink. I love that it doesn't take long at all for the ice to freeze either. This tray is great either as a present for that kinky someone in your life or a gag gift. Plus, it's really very sturdy.

    • sugarOne
      Reviewer, rank 3.9/10

      This product is a great way to start a conversation and make people laugh at a party. If your party is really getting boring, just start serving people drinks with pecker cubes in them! They will get a kick out of it!

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