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Penetration station

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The Penetration Station kit does make good on its claims to aid in sexual positioning and support. If you constantly find yourself slipping out of positions you love, or have difficulty maintaining your posture, this is definitely a kit that could improve your experience.


Well constructed, durable, highly adjustable.


Wish it had an interchangeable cuff system!

Best use:

The Penetration Station kit is designed to improve and enhance sexual positioning. It can be used for additional support, to aid with balance or weight distribution and if you are really creative, can double as restraints.

Positions this kit can enhance: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary with legs raised and pretty much anything else you can pull off in bed, and might get sore or tired performing. It would be most useful for couples play, but could also be used during solo play, especially if used in combination with liberator shapes like the BonBon or Wing.

Essentially the possibilities with this kit are endless: you will run out of new ways to use it when you stop trying to come up with them.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    This bed kit is designed very well. It is fully adjustable - each strap adjusts to fit a multitude of thighs/arms. I am a size 16 and had loads of room left for adjustment when they had been pushed most of the way up my thighs. Generally "one size fits most" is snug or small on me, this however had loads of excess which I never needed. The straps can be used all at one end of the bed, on all four sides, or any variation in between depending on your needs. The main strap is fully adjustable and will fit any size bed up to a California king.

    The Craftsmanship is solid - nothing slides, frays, rips or bends during use. The materials seem high quality. I doubted the buckles at first, but they held up to rigorous strain with no adverse effects. The neoprene does not rip, and is far more durable than it appears. In fact, one of the properties that makes neoprene so desirable in BDSM products is its ability to stretch and flex which is also what makes it so comfortable.

    My only complaint about the design is that it did not come with interchangeable cuffs, The handles all clip in and it would be easy to create cuffs to snap in, in place of the grips.

    Neoprene / Nylon
    12 oz
  • Performance:

    The Penetration Station kit is incredibly comfortable during use. The straps are fully adjustable and do not dig in or chafe at all during play. They are comfortable to grip, to wear around the thighs and upper arms and also make a comfortable cuff if twisted so that they are doubled up. The straps and buckles held up well, I pulled and tugged as much as I was capable of and they neither slid nor snapped. They show no signs of wear at all, aside from a few wrinkles as a result of my wrapping my wrists in them to make impromptu cuffs.

    This was so easy to set up and use. The four handle straps slide easily onto the on main strap, which is wrapped horizontally around the bed and tightened so that it is anchored in place and nothing will slide or lose tension while in use. The 4 lines are then pulled under the length of the bed, to to the bottom two to the top, and the grip portions are snapped into place. Just throw a sheet on the bed and you are good to go!

    Special Features:
    • Kinky
  • Care and Maintenance:

    This is a really easy kit to clean. The nylon straps are all machine washable, but in most cases would require nothing more than a quick wipe with some baby wipes or antibacterial toy wipes. If you feel that machine washing is required it is best to unclip the neoprene straps and hand wash them separately. The Neoprene is a close celled structure and consequently requires nothing more than a damp cloth or an antibacterial wipe for cleaning.

    Storing this kit is as easy as kicking the straps underneath the bed. Since it is anchored in place, it's easy to simply store PS on the bed. Sheets and blankets will cover the anchor strap, and as long as you remember to make sure all the ends are tucked in, the rest can be hidden under the mattress or on the floor under the bed itself.

  • Packaging:

    Penetration Station comes in a cardboard box and is accompanied by a DVD which provides tutorials on how to assemble multiple bed kits by Sportsheets. I was initially confused by this, because when I inserted it the first one to come up was the Sportsheets bed restraint kit. Do not worry, the Penetration Station tutorial is next on the playlist.

  • Personal comments:

    Basically, the way this kit is designed to be used, is to fit the straps/handles onto wherever they are needed (hands, wrists, arms, thighs, into the crooks of the knees, etc.), from there you tighten the length of nylon, which is attached to the anchor piece, until the desired tension is met. By doing this you will be pulling the desired body part into whatever the goal position is, eg. having the knees or ankles pulled towards the top of the bed, legs spread wide and flat to the mattress, legs pulled together, arms pinned behind the back etc.

    The straps can also be used for balancing. Say you want to lean forwards or backwards on top of your partner but you cannot lean that far, or gravity will take over and you will inevitably topple on top of them. In this case the straps can be grasped and used to maintain balance and position; they give you leverage that you would otherwise be lacking and make fluid movement possible.

    The third way that these straps can be used is as restraints, or handles for ordered positioning. One could either wrap the handles around their partners wrists or ankles until they feel secure, or can demand their partner maintain a position by keeping their hands and feet on or in the strap handles at all times no matter their inclination.

  • Experience:

    I really was not expecting to enjoy this set. I was certainly intrigued, but did not have high hopes. Luckily I was really happy with it. Positionally I found that it helped with keeping my legs raised during missionary, even keeping them raised higher than would normally be possible or comfortable thus increasing both penetration and g-spot stimulation. I really enjoyed attempting new positions and trying to figure out alternate ways to use the kit. I'm sure there is still a ton to experience, because the possibilities with this kit seem almost endless.

  • Other
    One size fits most
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