Penthouse: Between The Sheets – adult bedtime stories from the biggest erotic magazine

Penthouse: Between The Sheets Book by Warner Books
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High-friction fiction.

Is it any wonder that the world's number-one writers of erotic fiction have found a home in the world's number-one magazine of erotic entertainment? Now, from the pages of Penthouse, come thirty torrid tales that give new meaning to the words "Bedtime Stories". From the lingerie dressing room that's all about stripping down to the babysitter who picks up a little extra something from the lady of the house, from the woman who holds an entire room in thrall with a single stick of peppermint candy to the indecent encounter between strangers on a London double-decker bus, these are stories that will ignite your imagination and put the sizzle back...between the sheets.

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    Collection of Stories by Various Authors / Editors of Penthouse magazine
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    Warner Books
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    2001 year
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    5 1/4"
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    • BabiDani247
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.8/10

      Although there are those out there who would appreciate the content, I am apparently not one of them. There were only one or two stories in the book that could keep me interested, but in contrast there were several that just left me wondering what the point was in the story. All in all, I would say that this book is not worth the effort of even attempting to read.

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    Customer comments

    • :((
    • Love the cover art.
    • Amazing; the power of a book cover, thanks for the review.
    • Looks interesting.
    • Well, I can save my money!!! We don't do boring!!
    • i would love to read this!
    • I bet this would be a great read!
    • k
      this book is super boring, my grandmother might as well have written it...the stories are super cheesey and dull...I used my vibrator to try to get excited while reading this, but it was no use...i have yet to find one story in this book that i found 'erotic' fact, i have three kids, and i wouldnt be embarrassed if they stumbled upon it...its really lame...i cant believe its listed as erotica...not worth the money...
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