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Pose and Disclose™ is The Scandalous Game for Show-Offs and Posers! Girl and guy players get the eye-opening, make 'em squirm, laugh-a-minute chance to explore the true nature of the opposite sex. Ask your friends and lovers probing questions to learn what they really think, who they really are and how they really relate to the hot and sexy topics in the ever-changing battle of the sexes. You'll find out more than you've ever thought possible about the opposite sex as players Pose and Disclose™ their sexy secrets, burning desires, hidden trysts and hottest fantasies! A great party game! Contents include 120 Pose and Disclose™ cards, 40 Pose and Disclose™ character cards, 2 Pose and Disclose™ dice and 1 rule sheet. Pose and Disclose™ is a party game for many adult players.

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