Leatherbeaten Premium Garment Cow Flogger - Whip from Leatherbeaten

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This is one of the classic floggers, and something of this nature is a must have for the properly equipped SM toybag. It's cut from a beautiful, juicy, smooth, soft garment leather that would make such sensuous underwear that my head is fairly reeling at the mere thought ...

It's the profusion of top grain leather lashes that give this flogger its main characteristics of weight and sting. The smooth finish of the leather lends it some edge, which, in practice translates into a slightly stingy sensation. The mass of the lash cluster gives it bulk and heft, so it lands with no small amount of thud.

It's a higher end, general purpose flogger that is not going to deliver extreme sensations from either end of the spectrum, but for those looking for the experience of a damn good flogging, minus the welts, bruises and more available at the Edge, it is pretty well perfect.

Lash length 20"

Handle length 8"

Keeper 6"

Catalog ID: PFGC

  • Properties

    Black / Purple / Red
    1 1/4"
    1.5 lb
    Safety features:
    Phthalates free
  • Reviews(5)

    • Oggins
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.4/10

      The Premium Garment Cow Flogger by Leatherbeaten is the perfect combination of balance and style! It fits easily into even petite hands for unparalleled control of blow after delicious blow. The soft and supple leather lashes feel fantastic against bare skin but can release an erotic bite when the wielder delivers them to their target. The beautiful and artistic craftsmanship are also a sight to behold! This is truly my favorite flogger ever!

    • Lady Neshamah
      Writer, rank 6.2/10

      The Premium Garment Cow Flogger is the way to go if you have a sub/bottom that doesn't like pain but still likes the idea of getting flogged very hard. You can really spin it into someone and they will only feel a little. It also doesn't leave any marks on the body at all.

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    Customer comments

    • This is pretty much exactly what I want...too bad it's gone.
    • I want this!
    • I really want this to be available for purchase, it's gorgeous
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