The Perfect Moment for Pleasure
FOR MOMMIES. Helps rebuild healthy vaginal and pelvic muscles after childbirth. Exercises the pelvic floor, which helps women to deliver babies FOR OTHER BUSY LADIES. Tones the pelvic muscles for stronger orgasms. Can be worn vaginally during anal play for more stimulation
The vibration of the inner ball makes muscles to contract in response, the effect called bio-feedback. With regular use you get stronger more toned muscles. Use a drop of water-based lube on the balls to make it easier to insert. Pressing finger into the easy-in insert the Smartballs all the way inside leaving the cord outside. Beginners should start with the Teneo Uno and after some time switch to the Teneo Duo. You can go about your business as usual with Smartballs inside you. As you move the ball vibrates and you get stronger muscles. After use remove it using the retrieval cord.