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Return to the Chateau Book by Ballantine Books
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The sequel to the infamous "The Story of O", Return to the Chateau is a piece of erotic fiction that marks O's journey and experiences upon coming back to Roissy.

Expertly written by Pauline Reage, this darkly erotic second telling of a submissive's life is no less gripping than the first. Arousing, perverse, and engaging, the story follows O and reveals both her internal struggles and external punishments.

A true gem for a BDSM or erotic literature enthusiast, Return to the Chateau is a must have for any BDSM bedroom bookshelf.

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    Pauline Reage
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    Ballantine Books
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    1995 year
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    Customer comments

    • Yes!
    • im excited for this one
    • There's a sequel? huh.
    • Hmm, sounds interesting. I'll try the first.
    • I agree with PurpleDragonLady, this book isn't worthy of being a sequel. It is written as if the author wanted to completely repudiate the original story for some reason,
    • KnK
      I had no idea that there was a sequel...
    • I was anxious to read this book, after reading The Story of O, but was sorely disappointed by the lack of imagination with this story. The first book had be all hot and bothered, and reaching for my partner... This one had me falling asleep! That is not what you would expect from an erotica novel.
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