Selfloving – steps to sexual liberation

Selfloving DVD by Betty Dodson Phd
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Betty Dodson, artist, author, and Ph.D. sexologist has been teaching women sexual skills since the early seventies. Her first book, Liberation Masturbation ('74) was a feminist classic. Sex for One ('87) became a trade paperback classic with a revised edition ('96) that has been translated into 14 languages. Her latest book Orgasms for Two ('02) continues her sex positive message Dodson has a private sex coaching practice in New York City. There are ten women, ages 28 to 60, interacting in the nude. Accepting and loving their bodies is their first step toward sexual liberation. They discover they are not alone in their search for sexual expression as they support one another to explore pleasure creatively. While engaging in pleasure rituals designed to enhance sexual self knowledge, they learn to play again. Positive images of each other's sexual response inspire them take the next step on their sexual and spiritual path. Forming a circle, they practice different breathing patterns to increase their energy. They experiment with different positions and pelvic movements, using electric vibrators for clitoral stimulation. The erotic finale is a celebration of selfloving filled with authentic orgasms. Group massage follows, giving them relaxation and sensual touch without any sexual demand. Each woman experiences the gentle hands of four others simultaneously, with everyone both giving and receiving unconditional love. In the closing circle, they chant with a unified voice and release their orgasmic energy.

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    Betty Dodson Phd
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    Mary / Lisa / Barbara / Betty Dodson / Linda / Loraine / Marcia / Margaret / Nancy / Patricia
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    1 hrs.
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    Betty Dodson Phd

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