Sensual Massage – the pleasure side of physical contact

Sensual Massage Book
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Physical contact is necessary for our wellbeing and an expression of the love and care that we all need to give and receive. Just as a simple hug as the power to cure our blues, so a loving massage of our whole body leaves us feeling relaxed, cherished, and rejuvenated.

Massage is a style of touch that can be sexual or non-sexual. So, whichever direction your session takes, it's a good way of building physical trust between you, and a great opportunity yo get to know each other's bodies in a safe yet intimate way.

If you've yet to focus on sensual massage with a partner, there's no better time than now. Paul Scott will not only help you master a host of massage techniques, but will also reveal the most effective ways to relax.

From experiencing profound peace and contentment to discovering a world of erotic sensation together, Sensual Massage will help you to explore new ways of connecting with each other.

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    Paul Scott
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    2006 year
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