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Sex and Mischief restraint kit

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BDSM kit - Sex and Mischief restraint kit - view #1 BDSM kit - Sex and Mischief restraint kit - view #2 BDSM kit - Sex and Mischief restraint kit - view #3 BDSM kit - Sex and Mischief restraint kit - view #4


The Sex and Mischief Restraint kit is intended for those interested in experimenting with BDSM play. The kit comes with everything you need for an experiment in dominance, submission, and light restraint play.


Size adjustable, red and black color combo, D-rings, nickel-free, snap closures.


Might not be size adjustable enough for some.

Best use:

The Sex and Mischief Restraint kit comes with a collar, leash, blindfold, and two wrist restraints. All of the components in this kit are in a sexy red and black color combo and are size adjustable. The collar and both wrist restraints have D-rings attached to them. This means that you can use the leash or any other medium to connect the rings with ease. The blindfold is included to block out light and any visual stimulation.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    All of the components of this kit are in the same sleek and sexy black and red design. The red portions are made of vinyl and are very smooth to the touch. The black trim is made of polyester and is much softer than the vinyl. The polyester is the lining inside all of the components and prevents the wearer from being roughed up too much by the gear.

    The blindfold included in this kid has a single, very wide elastic band that ensures that it will fit whoever you want to blindfold snugly. This blindfold is 9" wide and goes from 2 1/4", to 2 3/4" closer to the nose, and then shrinks to 1 1/2" at the bridge of the wearer's nose. This blindfold is 1/4" thick and should be able to block out all vision from almost any wearer. The blindfold stays on and in place with a single 11 1/2" long (at rest) elastic strap that is almost an inch wide.

    Here, you can see that the included blindfold is much longer than your average blindfold. Also, from the right side, you can see that the elastic band is much thicker and more heavy duty than the 2 bands on the comparable blindfold.

    The wristbands and collar have quite a few options for sizing to accommodate almost anyone with a just right fit. On one side of each wrist restraint, you have two top "snap" options, and on the opposing side you have 3 bottom "snaps" for the top to clasp over. The cuffs are 10 1/4" long, 1 3/4" wide, and can be adjusted to comfortably fit around 9" to 6 1/2" wrists.

    The collar has even more sizing options. When laid flat, the collar is 15 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide. This collar can fit necks from 13" to 16" around. Like the blindfold, the collar and wrist restraints are 1/4" thick.

    The included leash is 37 1/2" long, including the metal clasp. This leash is made of a heavy duty black woven fabric that I believe to be nylon. The metal clasp is a simple, pull down to lower the bar, closure. The clasp on this leash can hold 2 D-rings at the same time, but the third will not fit inside. All of the metal snaps and D-rings on this kit are nickel free.

    Polyester / Vinyl
    Material safety
    Black / Red
    0.3 lb
  • Performance:

    This kit provides numerous options pertaining to size and kink. D-rings located on the collar and both wrist restraints give you choices for how you want your partner to be angled. The snap closures give you room to find a tightness that is both comfortable and inescapable for your lover. The snap closures are semi-hard to unsnap, and that means your lover will be wearing the restraints until you help them unsnap the closures. The polyester material that rubs against the skin underneath all of the components makes the items more comfortable and doesn't chafe or rub you raw.

    Another thing worth mentioning in regard to the performance of this kit is that all of the metal on these items are nickel free. That makes it hypoallergenic and worry-free for those out there with skin sensitivities. The metal being nickel free also means that, even after long and sweaty uses, no green or black marks will be left behind where the metal was on your skin.

    Special Features:
    • Adjustable
    • Kinky
  • Care and Maintenance:

    If you ever happen to get anything on any of the vinyl portion of these items, it should easily wipe right off. For the black polyester portions, use a damp cloth to blot out the stain. You should avoid ever putting these items into your washer or dryer, for the stress may damage them.

    The best option you have for storage is the original packaging, even if you just keep the bag around to store the components together during storage. That is better than just tossing the items into your toy box, loose from the other components.

  • Packaging:

    The box is clearly labeled multiple times in large black print as being for Sex & Mischief from Sportsheets. The front and rear panels inform you that the contents are a "5 Piece Red Restraint Kit". The back panel even has a seductive, two paragraph story called "Seeing Red" involving the use of the kit. The back panel also has a color image of the contents, alongside a black and white photo of the topless female from the front. The right side panel tells you the contents in nine different languages. Therefore, in my opinion, the packaging is not discreet in the least.

    However indiscreet the box looks, it actually might be a great idea for storage for those of you out there with small children. This box is difficult to open, and therefore may prevent toddlers or small children from being able to get into your goodies, should they, god forbid, ever happen to find your toy box.

    Inside the box, all five components are stored in a large, 12 1/2" X 8 1/2" plastic bag. This bag zips to seal and is an awesome idea for storage. Should you choose to throw this bag or the box out, they are both recyclable and should be set out as such.

  • Other
    Kit includes:
    1 blindfold, collar, leash, and 2 cuffs
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