Sex Between the Beats – creating the perfect ambiance between music and sex

Sex Between the Beats Book by Blushbooks
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From Bach and Beethoven to Barry White and beyond, DJ and author John Kale will teach you the art of creating a sensual and seductive ambiance through the medium of music. Reflecting on 10 years of experience working as a DJ at one of L.A.'s most notorious sex clubs and supported by in-depth research, Kale explains how certain music has an impact in sexual behavior and performance. You can learn his trade secrets to setting the mood and use the sexy grooves from the enclosed CD to get started on your intimate encounters tonight. Kale reveals the sizzling effect that sex has on our bodies, using modern science to prove what civilizations have known for millennia; that hidden inside the rhythms and melodies of music is a primal, instinctual mandate that penetrates us to the deepest reaches of our mind and body. The syncopated energy inherent in all music is strongly connected to the subconscious levels of our mind, triggering changes in our emotions and physical reactions. Among other things you'll learn how to set the mood for any erotic activity, intensify your most powerful orgasms, unlock the rhythms of sensuality and more, all with practical suggestions and an information look at this often neglected aspect of sexuality.

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    John Kale
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    2005 year
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