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Product: BioniX control pack
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What makes it awesome

  • If something happens to your main controller or you just like feeling safe, get this spare baby - always at your service.
  • Easy to connect and control, this controller will step in the game when you need it most.
  • Control the intensity of BioniX (ETIFT003) thrusting with a control wheel - super simple and intuitive.
  • 100% discreet, this controller won't give away your naughty secrets even if left on plain sight.

A closer look

Whatever happens to your main controlled the BioniX (ETIFT003) comes with, it's smart and safe to have a spare. With things like hard & slippy sex, better be safe than left without thrusting in the moment when you need it most, huh? Shit happens, but you can own it and get on with your sweet loving - if you have a spare controller, of course.

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Manufacturer: Eden

Catalog ID: ETCNT0303

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