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USB charger 14 mm pin

USB charger 14 mm pin

USB cable is suitable for charging your electronic device via USB port from PC,car charger and so on. Compatible with small electronic devices, which use 14 mm barrel jack for a power cable.

  • Compatible with Eden rechargeable dual vibrator (BI014129), Eden Pleasure Play (BI0141072), Duality (BI014169), Magic Force (ET055010)

  • Compatible with Petite Treats range (BI014282, BI014281, BI014283), Flexi Power (ET317374)

  • Rechargeable thrusting butterfly (ET037037), Eden rechargeable pocket wand (BW0550031), Pretty Love (BI014313), Joy Ride (BI014155).

  • C Bunny (ET0141081), Eden Rechargeable Tongue (ET014108), Eden silicone massager (BI0141083), Flow (ET014225), Pocket Wonder wand (ET4496)

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