Cable USB 2.5mm*16mm Charging cable

Catalog ID: USB170204
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Product: Cable USB 2.5mm*16mm
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What makes it awesome

  • Compatible with Petite dual thruster (ET022012), Secret lover (ET022230), Pleasure droplet (ET040307), Sensualist (ET170204FL), Wicked bunny (ET174011ORG), Hot affair (ET121101), Dual igniter (ET183612), Utopia (ET182015), Dual swirl (ET100420), Sexy U (HW183311), Deep rider (HW170205), Wow wand (ETHV020), Panty throb (ET242001BLK), G-bud (ET13109ABLK).
  • Butterfly G (ETB0230V5), G-bud (HW170205), Illa (ETBN140), Relish (ETBN073), P-spot hacker (ETBN100), Nyla (ETBN139), Pleasure finger (ET091807), Ecstasy (HW173804), P-spot explorer (ETBN121), Thrill wand (ETBN082), Love-U (ETBN066), Vibro hugger (ET591167),
  • Spark (ET121102), Head master (ET040501), BigO seeker (HW185111), Love wag (ETXSP003), Big B (ETSXV009), Vibro glass plug (ET11253), Man wand (ET19633), Clit flexi (ET591168), Thumb-up teaser (HW181203).

A closer look

USB cable is suitable for charging your electronic device via USB port from PC,car charger and so on. Compatible with small electronic devices, which use 12 mm barrel jack for a power cable.

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Eden

Catalog ID: USB170204

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