Crown lightly lubricated Male condom discontinued

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Product: Crown lightly lubricated
This item is discontinued.
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A closer look

CROWN Condoms have been voted the "World's Best Condom" for 12 years.
These pink-tinted condoms provide that "bareback" feeling while being super strong and safe. These condoms have been tried and tested in the most active sexual environment – the adult movie industry. We've also removed the odour of rubbery latex completely from our Okamoto Condoms to further enhance your pleasure. Let your own experience dictate, try CROWN Condoms today and feel the difference quality makes.

How it feels

Material: Latex

Texture: Smooth

Lubrication: Water based

Sensitivity: Regular

Color: Pink

Condom size: Regular

How it measures

Condom size: Regular

Weight: 0.1 lb

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Okamoto

Catalog ID: 20412


Manufacturer: Okamoto

Type: Male condom discontinued

How it looks

Brand: Okamoto

How it works

Pack: 12