Pleasure plus Male condom discontinued

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Product: Pleasure plus
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This item is discontinued.
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A closer look

Lubricated latex condom with ridged pouch.

How it feels

Material: Latex

Flavor: Unflavored

Texture: Ribbed

Lubrication: Lubricated

Sensitivity: Regular

Color: Clear

Condom size: Regular

How it measures

Condom size: Regular

Weight: 0.1 lb


Manufacturer: Global Protection Corp.

Type: Male condom discontinued

How it looks

Brand: Pleasure Plus

How it works

Pack: 12

Special Features: Disposable

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Global Protection Corp.

Catalog ID: NP11620

  • sturdy, comes in a tin for storage

  • We are pleased with the performance of this product. If anyone is restricted to have to use a condom, we highly recommend this one due to the freedom and natural feeling.

  • The Pleasure plus condom claims of science made sexy hold up on the guy's end, not so much difference on the girl's. But more fun for him usually means more fun for her anyway, so here's to science!

  • If the main problem with using condoms is him complaining about sensation, then this condom just may be what you need. However, if the issue is that she's not feeling much, there may be some disappointment for her. Either way, make sure you use lube!