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Aloe Cadabra Lubricant by Live well brands
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Product summary and comments by bzzingbee


I had high hopes for Aloe Cadabra, but there's no magic in this formula. If you want a bitter tasting, sharp smelling lubricant that dries up in minutes, then Aloe Cadabra is your lube! Otherwise...keep shopping!

Best use:


  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Organic aloe vera gel,Vitamin E oil,Xanthan gum,Citric acit,Potassium sorbate (food grade),Sodium benzoate (food grade),Organic vanilla essential oil
    bzzingbee's opinion
    When you squeeze this lubricant out of the bottle it appears quite thick. It sits in a dollop wherever you have applied it and waits to be spread on for use. Once you start using it, you can feel it is much thinner than it appears at first. It isn't runny, but it does lubricate. It does not feel sticky or greasy after applied, but it does seem to absorb into the skin rather quickly. If you add water or saliva, it does seem to 're-activate' and become slick again.
  • Taste / Aroma

    bzzingbee's opinion
    This smells bad. It reminds me of Aloe and vinegar. As it dries, the smell seems to fade, but we want it wet, right? That was just when I put some on my hand to test. It seemed to me that after using this with a toy, there was a weird sickly sweet smell emanating from my toys and body where this was applied. The smell disappears after washing, but it was not inspiring future use.

    The taste really isn't much better. It isn't horribly noticeable but it is kind of bitter and sharp.
  • Performance

    Special features:
    • Organic
    bzzingbee's opinion
    Aloe Cadabra does not last anywhere near as long as other lubricants I've used. I was really disappointed because I was pretty excited about this product after getting the assignment. When I tested this on my fingers, just rubbing it between them, it was absorbed into my skin within a minute. I licked my finger to taste the lube and it got slick again, but only for as long as the saliva was wet. The real disappointment came when I used this with my Tantus Vamp. When I applied this, it sat on top in a lovely dollop which was a nice change from other water-based lubricants that run down the side. When i slid it down the shaft of the Vamp it felt nice and slick. Apparently that was the end of it. Once I tired to insert the Vamp, it felt like I was doing it without any lube at all. This was after some warm up and orgasms with a vibrator but I still felt like I could do nothing comfortably. Usually, I can apply some lube to the Vamp and easily slide it in and out. Aloe Cadabra failed miserably once it made contact with skin.

    To make things more frustrating, when I went to clean the Vamp, the water hit it and it got all slick again. Where were you when I needed you slickness??? It did wash off easily, which I already knew from testing it in the shower in an earlier session. The directions say to apply liberally to you AND your partner and reapply as needed. Maybe I didn't apply liberally enough but the bottle isn't that I'm not sure there'd be much left after liberal application based on the performance thus far.

    The thing that I liked most about Aloe Cadabra was the thickness of it when dispensing. I dislike every other thing about it.
  • Packaging

    2.5 fl.oz.
  • Special Features

    bzzingbee's opinion
    Aloe Cadabra is made with 95% organic aloe and enriched with Vitamin E. It is supposed to have subtle healing properties that you can enjoy with use. I did feel like my fingers were smooth and moisturized after applying Aloe Cadabra, though I didn't feel any different down below.
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    Customer comments

    • I'm very happy with the ingredients list being free of anything that would bother me, I do hope this turns out alot better then the one review made it seem.
    • nice
    • I have this (bought awhile back from another shop)... I'm wondering if this is going to become available here at EF. It's actually a really good lubricant; not sticky or tacky and absorbs right into the skin without leaving residue!
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