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Product summary and comments by Sakura Mahal


The Back it up anal gel is anal lubricant that is designed to make anal play fun, when in all actuality, it made anal play annoying and messy. The lubricant is too runny to be of any real use unless you are playing lightly, or with small toys. The product itself makes claims that aren't true about it having all natural ingredients. This makes me distrust this company and their lube.

Best use:

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  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    propylene glycol, benzocaine (0.5%), water, euterpe oleracea fruit extract, punica granatum extract, carbomer, triethanolamine, methylparaben, propylparaben, diazolidinyl urea
    Sakura Mahal's opinion
    I was expecting the Back it up anal gel to be thicker than it actually is. The lube feels more like water with a small amount of "lube" added in. This lube is pretty slippery but comes off quite easily so you'll find yourself reapplying it often. If you are having anal sex with this lube you are going to use a bunch of it. Because of its thinness, this lube tends to run out easily when you insert things. It also tends to "ride" the toy you are inserting if it is smooth, coming off at the base of your toy which means you'll end up with an un-lubed toy. The lube is thin enough to act like water so be careful how you use this lube with toys that aren't waterproof.
  • Taste / Aroma

    Sakura Mahal's opinion
    The Back it up anal gel seems to be safe for oral use, but I found that this lube tastes really bad and actually numbed my tongue for quite some time. It has a very "sharp" taste that reminds me of perfume or beauty soap and will make you jerk from shock. After it has been inside of you for a long time it starts smelling extremely odd and is quite repugnant so be sure to clean it out (with water) after you are done using it. When applying it to toys I noticed that the smell wasn't as strong as when you smell it on your finger, or in the bottle.
  • Performance

    Special features:
    • Vegan
    Sakura Mahal's opinion
    The Back it up gel is a thin lubrication that works pretty well for anal toys. You'll need to use quite a bit, especially if you are using it for anal sex. The lube also tends to start drying pretty fast, probably due to its being so thin; once it starts to dry, a little bit of water can make it slippery again. With this anal lubricant, once you feel it getting "thicker" you'll notice that it is getting stickier, and that insertion becomes harder. At this point you'll either want to re-apply the lubricant or add a few drops of water to make it slippery again. If your anus tends to be really dry, you'd want to squirt water inside before using this lube as it works best if the inside of your anus is moist already.

    Where does all of the lube you seem to have used go? Well, with this lube it probably absorbed into your skin since it seems to be 75% - 80% water. However, this lube cleans extremely well, you can even use a dry cloth in a pinch if you need to. Users should make sure they clean it out of their anus after using, as it starts to stink.
  • Packaging

    2.5 fl.oz.
    0.2 lb
    Sakura Mahal's opinion
    When you get your Back it gel you'll notice that the shipping package from Eden Fantasys is not only packaged discreetly but is nicely and snugly packed so it can't roll around and leak. The lube itself comes in a pump action bottle, which is one of my favorite things, that's easy to hold and grip. It has a protective clear cap that pops on the top to keep it from drying out or accidentally getting pressed down. The bottle has extremely small fonts and even if you use a magnifying lens you'll find it difficult to read the back. The Back it up water based anal gel is easy to use and isn't messy when it comes out of the pump action bottle. If it does leave some behind on the bottle, a moist rag/cloth can clean it away easily. Since this product has a protective cap, it's also very easy to bring with you in a bag or purse.
  • Special Features

    Sakura Mahal's opinion
    The Back It Up anal gel claims to have all natural ingredients. From my experience with this lubricant, I feel this is not true. Let's take a look at all of the ingredients inside of the anal gel.

    propylene glycol
    euterpe oleracea fruit extract
    punica granatum extract
    diazolidinyl urea

    - propylene glycol: This is an organic based alcohol that is known to cause skin irritation. Well, that's the perfect thing to be putting inside your anus! This is one of the reasons it could cause burning and itching inside of your anus or vagina.

    - benzocane: is an ester of ethyl alcohol and p-aminobenzoic acid. Are they purposely trying to make our rectum catch on fire? This is lube, not Ny-Quil! Why put alcohol of any kind in a product that will be going inside the body? Seriously, this ingredient is known to cause problems with your immune system and other internal organs.

    - water; well, they claim it's water, not sure if it's filtered or not. With the way things are looking this might be vinegar water or something. I think the sole purpose of the water is to act as a "filler" and to dilute the lube down into a runny state.

    - euterpe oleracea fruit extract: This seems to be what makes the lube slippery as it is also found in hair conditioner. Maybe there is a use for this lube after all! Back It Up hair conditioner!

    - punica granatum extract: Seems to be just sort of fruit additive. Could be another reason why it burns or causes internal irritation.

    - carbomer: is a polymeric chemical composed of acrylic acid monomers. This is what causes it to be thick. Guess they didn't use alot of this!

    - triethanolamine: is a strongly alkaline substance used as surfactant and pH adjusting chemical. Not only does this not sound natural but their seems to be a low association of this chemical with cancer. Something that messes with your pH levels isn't good. I also believe this could be what causes it to have a certain smell. pH imbalance can make you feel tired or sick. It's probably not safe to use the Back It Up gel if you are pregnant.

    - methylparaben: is in the paraben family. This means this product can mimic the functions of estrogen and can be used as a hormone which could make it unsafe if you are pregnant. This seems to be used for the fragrance of the lube and acts as a preservative but it comes with some un-natural additives.

    - propylparaben: is also part of the paraben family. It's function acts as a preservative for the lube but also mimics estrogen. Who would've thought that using some anal lube would put you on hormone replacement therapy?

    - diazolidinyl urea: This is also a preservative. It's commonly found in hand creams and soap. There is strong evidence that this ingredient causes skin irritation. Since most of the products that contain this ingredient are used outside the body, using this on the inside of the body can cause extreme irritation and vaginal infections if used vaginally.

    The Back It Up anal gel seems to have a mix of natural and un-natural ingredients that causes skin irritation, pH imbalances, and alcohol. The product claims to be "all natural" and "completely vegan" but the truth of the matter is that, it is not. The chemicals and ingredients they used for preservation and fragrance can cause health concerns, mess up your hormonal balance, and burn your delicate insides.
  • Personal comments

    Sakura Mahal's opinion
    After using and studying the Back It Up Anal Gel, I feel that it is not safe enough for my personal continued use on the inside of my body. I'm surprised I haven't gotten vaginal infection from trying it there. This product really made my rectum seize up and feel strange. It burned almost anywhere I used it. I didn't know that the product contained alcohol or other hormone products because I couldn't read the ingredient list. Luckily my fiance has great vision and she was able to read it to me. I feel there is a better choice for anal or vaginal lubrication, this is definitely not it. Use of this product has made me very skeptical of trying any other lubrication.
  • Experience

    Sakura Mahal's opinion
    My experience with the Back it up gel was not that good. When I first opened it I decided the first thing I would do is taste it. I found that I really hated the taste of this lube. It made my tongue numb for about an hour. I used this lubricant both vaginally and anally. My anal experience with this lube was also not all that great. When I first applied it to my anal opening and slid my finger in a little it was fine. I immediately noticed how runny it was, which made it difficult for me to keep my anus lubed up. The lube came off of my toys so easily that by the time I got them inserted there wasn't a lot left on the toy, most of it had ran off down my leg or on my butt cheek. When the lube made deep contact with the back of my anus and my rectum it burned. It felt very uncomfortable. I did not notice this burning until it was deep inside me. When I used this lubricant vaginally I noticed that the first thing it did was get into my pee hole, which burned pretty bad. I figured since it numbed my tongue it would tingle my clit, but it did not. Inside my vagina it felt very uncomfortable, and after inserting one of my dildos in and out a few times, it started making my vaginal walls sore. It made my vagina feel very irritated (and that irritated me in return).

    In my experience with anal play I never use lubricants. I use my vagina's natural wetness to saturate my toy(s) with juices. Using my fingers I can collect quite a bit of this and apply it to my toy. Of course I am always cautious to use different fingers or wash my fingers as to not infect my vagina. This usually lasts me my whole play time, both big objects and small. So, if you are female, try that or get a different anal lube.
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