Honey Care Products Honey lube - Lubricant from Honey Care Products

Honey lube Lubricant by Honey Care Products
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Catalog ID: HCPHL1

UPC: 609728873066

  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

    Purified Water, Xylitol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Potassium ascorbyl tocopheryl phosphate, Pectin, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria), Honey Extract, Hydroxyethylcllulose, No Glycerin, Alcohol Free, No Fragrance, No Flavoring, No Hormones
  • Taste / Aroma

  • Packaging

    6 fl.oz.
    0.4 lb
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    Customer comments

    • So cute!
    • Super cute!
    • Nice
    • Cool.
    • Greetings all! Great questions. There is no actual sweet honey in it (no taste or flavor) so no irritation. We are announcing 6 new products, including ones that taste and look like honey this month. Please contact me with questions, feedback or if you would like to be a reviewer. Thanks <3 Honey Team
    • Seems like "Honey Extract" could lead to problems. Any one know?
    • what a supercute bottle!
    • Cute!!
    • I was really hoping this was going to be something I wanted =/
    • Nice... :)
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    • nice
    • cute
    • supersex
      I love this stuff! I think they have a honey flavored one, but I bought a set of this and their oil based one. Honey Oil. Not sure why not sold here and I have never had an issue with need to reapply. Im sensitive, so like water based with no flavor or colorings. Maybe the older version got lesser ratings? Either way, good stuff : )
    • What exactly is "honey extract", I wonder.
    • super cute, great idea, love the ingredients - just worried that some folks will see this and think - shit, i should use honey AS lube - which is a bad idea. and can cause vaginal infections.
    • I know it says "No Flavoring", but the honey extract has to give this some taste, right? I'm just assuming that they meant there are no artificial flavors in this.
    • I love the bear bottle!
    • what a cute idea
    • Guess the bottle is really what sells with this one. Of course it is cute though.
    • Yum yum
    • Unflavored honey lube... I am disappoint. I want honey flavored lube.
    • It's cute. :)
    • Aloe in the ingredients and no glycerin? Nice. Looking forward to this one. :)
    • This is hilarious and awesome!
    • Adorable.
    • cool
    • Hmm, interesting concept.
    • I'm liking this line.
    • cute bottle!
    • I'm interested in these cute lubes!
    • This is so adorable!
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