Gift Bag Pink Medium Gift tote medium

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Product: Gift Bag Pink Medium
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What makes it awesome

  • Make the gift for your lover even more seductive with this pink giant tote, enticing all their senses at once.
    (Does not contain a gift).
  • Trust the firm bottom board with the weight of your love, no matter how heavy it is.
  • The top boards sheathing the tote will make sure that any size would perfectly fit.
  • The elegant knotted rope handles will add both finesse and durability to your surprise.

A closer look

Any surprise, just like the loving words that you prepared for this Valentine's Day, should carry the perfect mix of mystery and heartwarming truth; it should as well unveil, just as keeping a little secret.
You want to confess, and you want to make a promise.
Say "I love you" in a truly unusual way.


13" long - great for keeping larger toys

Height: 10"

Width: 5"

Material: Paper

Color: Pink

Weight: 0.1 lb

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Eden

Catalog ID: WRAP0011

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