Which sex toy brand is the best you've ever used?

Contributor: ex ex
For me, I think the Kiss Toy Polly Plus is the best!
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Contributor: EmmaEEE EmmaEEE
I like many sex toys, during the absence of a sexual partner, I tried many devices for satisfaction, my favorite is the butterfly for the clitoris. But I hope that I will not use it for a long time, because it will not replace a real partner. I found the adult dating site Instasext, read the review on link and now I have the hope of finding a partner for real dating without obligation. Yet toys will not give me feelings of nurturing and hug me after sex.
Contributor: VelvetNoir88 VelvetNoir88
I have this one toy in mind I think it was from Evolved. It was a small vibrator that was black with a round clear red ball on the end. I believe it came in other colors too. I loved it so much and I would buy it again if I could find it. It's an older toy they probably don't make it anymore.