Deeply love you throat relaxer Deep throat spray

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Product: Deeply love you throat relaxer
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What makes it awesome

  • This throat desensitizing spray helps relax the throat muscles and suppress your gag reflex.
  • It keeps you in the moment while allowing for comfortable deepthroating.
  • The delicious chocolate-mint flavor turns oral loving into a yummy treat.
  • The premium formula lets you safely enjoy oral loving with just a few sprays.

A closer look

Turn your bae's dong into a tasty lollipop with this chocolate-mint flavored throat desensitizing spray. Just a couple of sprays will be enough to relax your throat muscles and suppress your gag reflex, allowing you to take your lover deeper than ever before for a truly explosive orgasm.

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Sensuva

Catalog ID: ENT85569

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