GoodHead slick head glide 5 pack Flavored lube

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Product: GoodHead slick head glide 5 pack
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What makes it awesome

  • 5 unique flavors of this lube set add a rich orgasmic palette to your oral play.
  • Each gel works great for reducing friction, providing you with the sleekest oral experience.
  • Water-based lickable formula adds spice to your fun time.
  • Compatible with your oral vibrators for delicious solo play.

A closer look

Few things are better than making good sex great sex. And this slick head glide set is a sure-fire path to that! Enjoy a total of five unique flavors: strawberry, cotton candy, watermelon, blue raspberry, and mint. Each of these is perfect for capturing a specific mood you and your boo are feeling. Whether it's a romantic setting, a light and breezy rump, or an urge to pamper your sweet tooth – this set's got it all.
Friction during your fun time is greatly reduced, turning each oral session into a lean, mean, passion-filled roller-coaster of non-stop moving and moaning. And if mouth-to-naughty isn't on the menu tonight, you can always use the head glide on your favorite silicone toys for a sleek, wild ride of emOHtions.

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Manufacturer: Doc Johnson

Catalog ID: DC136014

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