GoodHead warming oral gel Flavored lube

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Cotton candy-flavored

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Product: GoodHead warming oral gel
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What makes it awesome

  • Flavor your sweet spots with this amazing cotton candy-like gel, getting ready for a deliciously intense oral session.
  • Feel the warming feature make your funny bits swell with arousal.
  • Moan and squirm exploring your fantasies, as the gel's relaxing effect makes you totally go with the flow.
  • Eat your dessert right from your lover's body, as this amazing gel is totally edible.

A closer look

Preparing dinner for your loved one has never been sexier. Meet them with the sweetest treat served right - yourself, deliciously spread for them to feast on.
Relax, put on some groovy music, light up candles and let the licking and sucking and devouring begin.

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Manufacturer: Doc Johnson

Catalog ID: DJ136115

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