Mojo anal relaxing gel Water-based anal lube

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Product: Mojo anal relaxing gel
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What makes it awesome

  • Make your booty play peachy with Mojo anal relaxing gel that takes away the discomfort leaving only pleasure.
  • The concentrated clove oil-infused formula relaxes your bum without making it numb.
  • Perfect for dipping your toes into the backdoor delights.
  • The non-sticky formula is completely body-safe for delightful body-friendly play.

A closer look

Start your bootylicious adventures with relaxing massage using MOJO Relaxing Anal Gel that takes away the discomfort of penetration without numbing, letting you fully enjoy the pleasant sensations from stretching and stimulation. Squeeze it on your fingers or your favorite toy to sensually glide into analgasmic delight.

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Entrenue

Catalog ID: ENT84676

  • Using this not only relaxed me but it made it, so it was easy to go in and out. It was very enjoyable, and we'll be using this a lot.

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