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Product: Screaming O climax cream
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What makes it awesome

  • This natural sex enhancing cream highlights her sensations for stronger orgasms.
  • Rub a tiny dollop of it in for 30 seconds to feel a warming effect that'll boost arousal.
  • L-arginine affects blood flow for an extra-lusty engorged feeling.
  • All-natural, tasteless, odorless, and easy-to-use formula.

A closer look

Score multiple orgasms faster than ever with this natural sex enhancing cream. A drop of this magic stuff is enough to make you super aroused - believe us. That L-arginine makes the blood rush to the spot that you rub real good, attracting all the arousal right there. Want it to fire up a flame on your clit? Easy. Make your nipples feel like they're trembling with arousal? No problem. With that warm, sensual sensation building up quickly, you'd be ready to shoot orgasms whenever you wish.

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Bushman Products

Catalog ID: CC101

  • The first time I used it, I didn't even use a vibe to finish myself off, I just continued to rub one out, and I actually experienced a really intense orgasm.

  • This cream worked great for me. I have enjoyed it the few times I've used it. It didn't really do much when I rubbed it on my nipples, but it felt great on my clit. It's definitely worth the try.

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