Sta-Hard cooling and sensitizing serum Prolonging lube

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Warming and cooling at once

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Product: Sta-Hard cooling and sensitizing serum
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What makes it awesome

  • Score a beautiful and long-lasting boner with this intensely arousing lubricant.
  • Feel the warming and sensitizing effect of ginseng on your length, as they relax and get ready for action.
  • Mix the arousing heat with a fresh cool sensation delivered to your erogenous zones by the menthol included in this love potion's componence.
  • Use the lube daily and with no concerns whatsoever, as it is totally pH-friendly and non-invasive.

A closer look

Remember when you first fell in love? Felt like your world was spinning around, you were cold and hot at the same time, and you felt everything with way more intensity, right?
This lube will deliver you a huuuge deja-felt sensation. As soon as you put it on, you're ready to rock, with your hard rock erection that will last for hours - legendary moves, legendary orgasms.

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Manufacturer: California Exotic

Catalog ID: SE2164051

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