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Lust arousing cream for her

Lust arousing cream for her
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Manufacturer: California Fantasies
UPC: 855487001497
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity
    Water, mineral oil, glycerin, xanthan gum, allantoin, jojoba oil, panthenol, cetyl alcohol, menthol usp, caffeine, niacin (vitamin B3), disodium EDTA, emulsifying wax nf, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth 20, glyceryl stearate and PEG-100 stearate, polysorbate 60, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexlglycerin, triethanolamine, citric acid
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Overall, this is a truly amazing product and a fantastic introduction to arousal enhancers for women. There are no parabens or other seriously dangerous chemicals and the amount of warming/tingling provided was just right for me. I have a feeling this will become a staple, because it does so much so simply! This cream might help you go from working hard to hardly working, making clitoral orgasms a breeze!


Increases clitoral sensitivity wonderfully
Easy to apply/remove
Sensation increases with motion


Glycerin (if you are allergic)
Your response to the sensation may vary

Best use:

The Lust Arousing Cream For Her is an arousal cream that heightens female pleasure by increasing clitoral sensitivity. It is intended for use on women and should be applied only to the clitoris (theoretically you could apply it internally as well, possibly for G-spot stimulation, but I'd be a bit nervous about that). This product would be great for women in any situation, whether you are having sex with a partner or enjoying a solo session by yourself, because an extra sensitive clitoris usually makes an extra happy woman!

That being said, this product might not be for everyone. The cream increases clitoral sensitivity through a tingling and warming sensation. While I enjoyed this, someone else might find it too intense. On the other hand, the sensation might not be strong enough for some. It depends on you!

The cream contains Glycerin, so those with an allergy or sensitivity should avoid! Check the ingredients to see if there is anything else in the product that might bother you (for instance, it contains xanthan gum, which can aggravate people with corn allergies).
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    The cream looks and feels a lot like hand lotion. It is white and creamy (but not gloppy or liquid-y) but smoother than, say, diaper-rash cream. When you rub it in, it seems to "disappear" into your skin (again, like most lotion). When you first apply it, it doesn't really feel like anything but the more you massage it in, the more the warming/tingling sensation increases. It didn't leave me feeling sticky at all and was super easy to wash off with water.

    Water, mineral oil, glycerin, xanthan gum, allantoin, jojoba oil, panthenol, cetyl alcohol, menthol usp, caffeine, niacin (vitamin B3), disodium EDTA, emulsifying wax nf, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth 20, glyceryl stearate and PEG-100 stearate, polysorbate 60, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexlglycerin, triethanolamine, citric acid
  • Taste / Aroma:

    The cream does not have a super strong scent. You can definitely smell the Jojoba Oil but if you stick the cream right up to your nose, you can also smell the other ingredients like cetyl alcohol. It smells a lot like sunscreen, actually, but the smell is not very potent and not at all unpleasant. It didn't really have a taste and the tingling/warming didn't burn my tongue or anything, so you could have oral with this cream applied to your clitoris and your partner shouldn't complain!

  • Performance:

    When I applied the cream and started massaging it into my clitoris, the gradual tingling/warming sensation felt really nice. According to the directions (and in my experience), "sensation will begin and increase with motion" so this is definitely an arousing cream that requires a little participation- all for the better, in my opinion! Just rubbing in the cream increased my sensitivity and the more I massaged it in, the more aroused my clitoris became.

    The tingling/warming sensation lasted about 15 minutes after I stopped rubbing it in. The box says you can re-apply it as desired, so it would be easy to keep the sensation going for longer if that is what you need. I didn't feel the need to wash it off my clit, but cleaning the area on my arm where I tested texture/taste/and so on was a snap- all it took was a small amount of water. No scrubbing, no residue.

    I loved the increased sensation this product gave me. It got me to a whole new level of clitoral experience- more on that later.

    The issue with this product is the same issue with all products of this kind: you're either going to love the tingling/warming sensation or you're going to hate it. The level/degree of sensation was just perfect for me, but others might barely feel it OR feel like their clit is on fire. It just comes down to personal preference and sensitivity.

  • Packaging:

    The cream is packaged in a small, easy-to-hide or travel-with tube, which comes inside a paper/cardboard container.

    The outer box is not very discreet. It says very clearly "CALIFORNIA FANTASIES LUST AROUSING CREAM FOR HER" and has a nudity-free image of a couple embracing on the front. Below that, it says "INCREASED CLITORAL SENSITIVITY AND CLIMAX." So its purpose is blatantly obvious. The back of the box has very useful directions about applying the cream, how the warming/tingling sensation works (that is, how it increases with motion), typical cosmetic warnings (keep out of eyes and ears, for instance), and a full list of ingredients.

    The tube of cream itself is very small and super cute. It is black with fuchsia writing and a fuchsia cap and could easily be thrown into a purse or overnight bag without attracting attention. Like the box it came in, however, the tube also has "LUST AROUSING CREAM FOR HER" on the front. The directions from the box are also replicated on the back of the tube, which I thought was a nice touch. You just twist the cap off the tube and squeeze to get the cream out. I don't foresee any problems with leaking, so long as the cap is on properly. This would be okay to give as a gift, especially in a goodie bag or something similar, as long as its obvious intended use wouldn't embarrass you.

    You get .5 oz of cream (14 g), but I for one can see this lasting me quite some time. It really did not take a lot of cream for me to experience the sensation and I didn't feel the need to reapply.

    0.5 fl.oz.
    0.1 lb
  • Special Features:

    This cream worked wonders on my clit- I loved the tingling/warming sensation, which increased with massaging/continued stimulation and lasted as long as I needed it to!

  • Experience:

    This was my first experience with arousal creams/gels and I'm so happy that I took the plunge! Normally it takes dual stimulation (a rabbit vibe) for me to orgasm, but this cream made me so sensitive that I was able to have an orgasm just from clitoral stimulation alone! This will greatly enhance my pleasurability, which is the idea- how nice to find something that does EXACTLY what it promises to do! Unless you have a glycerin allergy or are wary of any tingling/warming going on down there (I was nervous about getting burned too!), this cream is something that every woman should try. It may seem like such a small thing, but the extra sensitivity provided by this cream was the difference for me between orgasm and frustration. I'll never leave home without it!

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