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    L-Arginine HCL, GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), MACA root extract, caffeine, horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris extract, yohimbe bark, Korean ginseng, fenugreek, muira puama extract, green tea extract
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    • ToyTimeTim
      Advanced reviewer, rank 7/10

      A little blue capsule to increase performance, desire and libido? Sounds good right? Rock On for Him is a natural herbal supplement made with a proprietary blend of well known herbs and extracts. Take it an hour before the festivities begin and you too can please your partner like a porn star. Well maybe not, but if it works for you, you may get close.

    • Starlight Requiem
      Advanced reviewer, rank 8.3/10

      With such an exotic list of ingredients, I would have been happy to feel at least SOMETHING from this product. Sadly, in my case, I got nothing out of it. It might work for other people, but then again it might do nothing at all. If you have problems with erections, this might work wonders for you. If not, you are probably better off spending your money on that special lube to make men feel more spectacular during sex.

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