Sex, Sex, & More Sex - Sue Johanson sharing her encyclopedic knowledge about sex

Sex, Sex, & More Sex Book by Regan Books
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No question is too strange for Sue Johanson, the grandmotherly nurse with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things sexual who holds court on two call-in shows, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson and The Sunday Night Sex Show, both on the Oxygen Network. As thousands of viewers and callers have found out, Sue is a pro at answering even the most delicate questions about sex and relationships. Now, in Sex, Sex, and More Sex, Sue provides readers with simple, no-nonsense answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about sex. Oral sex, sex and aging, arousal (or lack of it), bondage and discipline: If you have a question, Sue guarantees you're not the first to ask it. She describes the latest trends in sexuality (body piercing, Internet sex, and the "new celibacy") as well as the latest advances in birth control and discoveries about HIV infection, AIDS, and "safer sex."

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    • Airekah
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.8/10

      Have you ever been to scared to really ask someone a question about sex? Well, Sue Johanson may have an answer for you in her information filled book Sex, Sex & More Sex. This book gives you a plain jane explanation of everything sex related. With a book crammed full of 110 topics, you are sure to find the answers you are looking for. It is well-written, very informative and a great book for just about anyone.

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    Customer comments

    • Love this woman.
    • Ah, I love Sue Johnson. Can I be her when I grow up?
    • Haha, sounds great. Loved her show
    • we have this
    • haha. Good old Sue!
    • I fricken love this lady used to watch her on tv!!!
    • I love Sue Johanson. I used to watch late night reruns of her Talk Sex show all the time. Actually, my very straight laced mother used to watch it, and it seemed like she was always in a state of shock over things she learned while watching. It was quite humorous.
    • Sue Johanson! :D I think I'll have to acquire this one...
    • It's an okay book, mostly done in a Q & A fashion. It covers a wealth of topics from breaking up to abuse, sexuality issues to hygiene. I suggest it for those that are learning about their body, sex, sexuality etc and have lots of questions they want/need answers to.
    • Oh, Sue. I have a friend who could use this book. It's an appropriate Christmas present, right?
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    • KnK
      I'm intrigued, but not sure how interested I am
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