Mojowijo Mojowijo Wii Remote - AC adapter from Mojowijo

Mojowijo Wii Remote AC adapter by Mojowijo
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    • They have been making sex games like that for the wii for a while, actually. My girlfriend used to have a homebrew app on her wii called wiibator or something like that. apparently it wasn't very pleasurable and it got turned off by the A button and her butt muscles kept hitting it... lol.
    • This is new and wille have to google this one for sure!
    • I just looked at the website for this company and yes, this is a normal controller for the wii, you get one of the mojowijo toys and connect this to it and you can control the vibrations of another mojowijo toy, either in the same room or over the internet
    • what the heck does this do?
    • This looks like a normal Wii remote. How is it different?
    • what!? Wii sex toys????
    • What is it for? O.o
    • So these are real Wii accessories?
    • Huh?
    • Cant wait for the wii sex video games! I heard your wrist can get sore during the masturbation bonus round!! Ha!! Sorry, I couldn't pass that up
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    • This is a mystery of sorts. So much to learn!
    • @HusbandandWife: Yes, that is correct. Those Mojowijo toys require a Wiimote to function.
    • Hmmm.
    • This is for a toy that uses a Wii remote and can be controlled by someone somewhere that correct??
    • I want too know what is up with this line.
    • Is EF actually going to sell Wii remotes?
    • reminds me of wii
    • I'm excited about this new product. I have a Wii so I'm anxious to see what it's all about.
    • comatose, it's for the
    • ...i don't get it...what is it?
    • What?! Really looking forward to hearing more about this line!
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