Sensi-thin 12 pack - male condom by Durex - reviews

Sensi-thin 12 pack Sensi-thin 12 pack

Male condom by Durex

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Sensi-thin 12 pack reviews

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14 reviews

I think these are worth it for those who aren't as girthy as the rest. They are well priced and while they are thin, they hold up well and are comfortable.

Sensi-thin condoms by Durex are an average thin latex condom. There is nothing wrong with them if you do not have a girthy penis. Unfortunately, the shape just did not work in our case and we will not be using them again. The straight shape and lack of distinguishing features was not enough for us.

While this Durex Sensi-Thin brand is certainly not the worst product out there, it doesn't reach the top of the list either. Mediocre rating.

Overall these condoms just weren't my cup of tea. Even though the sensation and the sensitivity you experience due to the thinness is great, the straight tip of the condom was unsatisfactory and having to keep reapplying lubrication was as well.

For someone who is about average size or maybe starting out, this probably would be a good condom, but for anyone who has tried the other ones that have ribs and stuff, I probably wouldn't try this because it wouldn't feel the same.

They offer the smooth, thin, practically non-existence that is desired while providing the protection they were created for. So if slow and steady is for you I would recommend these, but if you enjoy sex being a little bit spicy watch out!

Obviously these weren't too good for me. Being on the smaller side, these did not fit and were pretty frustrating to use. They were odorless and did feel good as far as the material, so if you're a little smaller and you like condoms with no texture you're in for a treat!

These were a little disappointing because of the size. I wouldn't repurchase them becuase of that reason but if they were made a little larger they would be great because of how thin and natural feeling they are!

All in all I enjoy this kind of condom and plan on continued use of this product in the future.

These condoms aren't for those who like rough sex; it's more so for toy protection and sensual love makers. So make sure you keep that in mind!

While it's not the best condom I've ever used, the Durex Sensi-Thin isn't the worst either. And as far as thin condoms go, this one isn't a bad pick at all.

This product overall was extremely thin and created a nice smooth natural feeling, but was lacking in increasing sensation. The feeling of this product is about the closest thing to not wearing a condom, but it still isn't the same.

Get a thin condom with some kind of added bonus to it. A thin condom alone doesn't make protected sex comparable to how unprotected sex feels.

Thinner than regular condoms, you'll appreciate that, but it's average for a "thin" condom. The thinner nature can add sensitivity and intimacy between partners if you are the correct size. The straight shaft shape isn't going to help larger guys. If you already know that most Durex condoms will work for you, this is a great choice. For those who like condoms of a natural shape, pass on this. The thinner size doesn't make up for the lack of shape if you are too large.

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