Kimono microthin ultra lubricated with aqua lube - condoms by Mayer Laboratories - reviews

Kimono microthin ultra lubricated with aqua lube Kimono microthin ultra lubricated with aqua lube

Male condom by Mayer Laboratories

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Kimono microthin ultra lubricated with aqua lube reviews

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9 reviews

The Kimono leaves you with an utterly close experience. I've never had a condom that has allowed me to feel the sensations of my dildo in such as way that I could not even decipher the presence (or absence thereof) of a condom! It was marvelous. The sensations brought on by the closeness of me to my partner was absolutely phenomenal! I would definitely recommend this condom for anyone looking for a very close and intimate experience with your partner.

Overall, this condom is a winner. It gave us a closer intimate experience, didn't cause any irritation or friction that some specialty condoms might cause, and feels pretty natural. On the downside, it might cause discomfort to the penis because it is pretty snug, and you may have to get a size larger than normal. Overall, the benefits outweighed the possible discomfort, and after going up a size, he didn't experience any.

Though the sensation of these is quite impressive, the lube is a disaster, as was the process of unrolling them. These were not nearly as wonderful as I'd hoped.

If thinness is important to you, I don't know what other condom would be better for you. These are well worth the price. However, there are some risks that come with a very thin condom.

The Kimono Microthin with Aqua Lube Condoms are just average condoms. There is really nothing to sing about when it comes to the thinness of them and the lube is just bleh.

Overall, this was a really good product that allowed maximum sensitivity while providing protection. Other than the thin quality, there isn't anything to write home about on this condom...but the thin quality is what makes it so great!

Small guys triumph again here, sorry really long guys. While you guys might not be able to feel every little detail, the amazing lube will go and go and go for friction-free penetration.

Most condoms leave me disappointed. They're either too thick, uncomfortable, or any other combination of negative adjectives. Kimono condoms are a great "barely-there" feel condom paired with durability to reassure the anxious-minded.

It's still a condom but If you must use a one, and you don't want it to "add" anything but rather give you more sensation of unsheathed penetration then the Kimono is a must have.

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