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Lifestyles ultra lubricated Lifestyles ultra lubricated

Male condom by Ansell

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Lifestyles ultra lubricated reviews

14 reviews
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14 reviews

If you're looking for a regular condom that won't dry out during intercourse this is an excellent pick. I'd choose these particular condoms over another brand due to the fact that the additional lubricant adds another level of comfort, especially during extended love-making sessions.

These are great condoms. No, they don't provide any extra sensations, or lubrication like the box states, but they last very well and are cheap considering how reliable they are. They can stretch quite a bit, fit comfortably, and although they don't have any extra lubrication, they are lubricated very well and it should last awhile during use.

As far as condoms go, Lifestyles wins my vote hands down. You can't go wrong with these. They're thin and durable, and make sex with a condom just that much more enjoyable.

If you're a few dollars short of free shipping or need some standard condoms for your nightstand, these are a decent buy. If you're like me and throw condoms in your purse for a week or two, these might make you uneasy. Overall, a decent product for a decent price.

In all, this is a good condom. Dependable, safe, and fun. I'll be buying it again, since the extra room at the top was a GREAT feature.

These condoms are great and I would recommend them to anyone, the extra lubrication and easy fit is great! This condoms is a great standby to have just lying around, its versitile and a good standard.

These condoms won't do much besides add some extra lubrication, but they really weren't designed to do much more than that. They are supposedly thinner than the average condom, but that's not very noticeable with these. However the extra lube is nice and slippery and will last you a while during use.

It's just a condom. Nothing special. I wouldn't suggest it, and I wouldn't condone it. If you are going to use condoms, find something you aren't allergic to and are able to buy (cheap enough)

Even though I am not a fan of Lifestyles condoms, The Lifestyles Ultra Lubricated condoms where a happy surprise. The lube that comes on the condoms is amazing. It almost held up to my body and that is amazing on it's own.

These condoms are great at helping improve lovemaking for couples (or singles) who are a little on the dry side or are uncomfortable during sex.

All in all, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. As I stated earlier, it's an easy to find condom. So there is not a problem of not being able to find it. It's very reliable, and I have never had a problem with it breaking. My only real con was the fact that it definitely needs more lube if your partner is fairly tight, or if it's for anal.

These condoms really will do the trick and make you and your partner have wet moments. They are very well lubricated, inside and out, and they will fit any penis or toy well, that is of regular size. These are stretchable, protect against STDs and pregnancy, and are very comfortable condoms for your getaway moments.

If you like to have extra long sex sessions, but don't like to stop to add extra lubricant when needed then these condoms are going to solve that problem. The extra smooth and added lubricant will help you stay wet longer and prevent condom breakage. This condom's size is best for those average and smaller however.

I loved the feel, but didn't care for the smell... or the yeast infection I got two days later. It's a good, reliable product, as far as latex condoms go. However, it smells like fish and gave me an infection! I'll be sticking with unlubricated condoms from now on.

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