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Night light Night light

Male condom by Global Protection Corp.

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Night light reviews

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7 reviews

When my partner and I finally got to using the condom it was fun and created lots of fond memories. I wouldn't use this condom all the time because it requires near complete darkness.

They were exciting at first and built anticipation. The condoms worked well enough for the purpose intended but I would be happier with the option of non-lubricated or sensitive skin.

Night Light Condoms are very much a novelty condom. It glows wonderfully if you put it in the light for long enough. But it does cut down on sensations for the lovers. Just be warned on that.

These are the perfect condoms for me. I have yet to find anything better. I'll have to admit, I don't exactly buy them for the glowing aspect. I get them because they're so damn comfortable! And they're really worth the price. Also, they protect against STDs just as well as any condom does, and they do several jobs well. These have so many different functions, and they're so fun. They're my absolutely favorite. I can't think of a single con that I might have for them.

When you read the review, you'll see why I love these condoms so much. But why not tell you here? These are so spectacularly fun, and whimsical too. They make great "light sabers" as stated, and they just all around made me smile! They are made of natural rubber latex though, so they may not be safe for people allergic to latex.

All in all i still use these on toys but not for sexual intercourse. Maybe my partner was bigger than what the condom could fit.

I think these condoms seem like a lot of fun, but if they are used for traditional sex, the wait just isn't worth it. I think maybe they would be better suited for something such as covering a toy, because you would be able to hold it to a light source for a longer period of time. Unless you are very patient and can sit waiting with your partner, I wouldn't recommend them.

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