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All in all, this is a wonderful wand. I'm not sure why mine had such a short lifespan, but it wasn't anything short of amazing during the time I had it. We are definitely replacing it.

This is my first wand vibrator, so of course I had a lot to say about it. But overall I would definitely recommend this to well, everyone! It has brought me so much joy with the amazing orgasms it brings me. However when I'm not using it to make me cum, I find myself using it on different body parts like my neck, because it is just so relaxing.

Bright magical wand

This wand is a great wand if you're looking for something lightweight. It's quiet, has good vibrations, and would be fun with a partner or alone.

Do not let the small size fool you with this one! The feel and power of this vibrator are just what you are looking for!

Grace is a great vibrator. It would be a perfect first foray into wand style vibrators, it has a high quality design without being intimidating. The glowing LED lights made it feel very cute and feminine as well (who doesn't like a glow wand?)

The Grace wand massager is perfect for relaxing tired muscles or acting as a powerhouse for clitoral stimulation or on other erogenous zones. It's USB rechargeable, and has LED indicators with each setting you have the wand set on. Simple to use with a push button style, this handy vibrator can also be traveled with or taken into the shower with you if you desire.

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